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Sure do on both questions, first question any clubs in ontario there are a few clubs around I belong to a club co4x4 (central Ontario 4x4) a good one to look around on there site is northern lights4x4 I`ll go and look for there web site and post it.
question 2 also a few shops around the one closest to me is jeep thrills located on hwy7 just east of bowes road, and another is national4wd centre its located just off the QEW in burlington the address is 4122 south service rd burlington.
hope this helps you I`ll get thows club web sites for you.
ok here goes www.NL4x4.com and www.co4x4.com
85 SR5 4 runner, 7"sup,2" body, 35"BFG muds,5:29, wide track rear, vented rotor conversion, and no place to go.

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