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To anyone familiar with out-of-province inspections or experience with the process - I was hoping to get some insight/opinion on how much trouble I'll have getting an improved inspection with my 92 Cherokee.

I'll be moving back to BC from AB and would love to bring my beautiful Jeep with me. However, I'm aware I'm supposed to register within 90 days and my parents have raised concerns about whether or not it could pass, what is apparently higher standards in BC for an out-of-province inspection. My fear is being told I need to do a bunch of fixes to get it approved that I wouldn't currently need in AB as its already passed and registered. And that I would need to return to AB if I ever wanted to sell it.

Anyone familiar with these vehicles knows the engines are bulletproof and overall these things just won't die. However, it's a 28 year old car so things break/need replacement fairly regularly. I've done quite a bit of work and replacements in recent years so I'm hopeful it would be enough (I realize its impossible to give a certain answer without actually inspecting, just hoping to hear of others experiences or opinion).

-It's a 92 so from what I understand it's exempt from needing daytime running lights installed?
-All lights work
-No check engine light
-Recently replaced alternator and got a new battery
-Recently replaced valve cover gasket because of oil leak
-Rear suspension replaced 2 years ago
-Brakes might need some upgrading soon, having a mechanic look this week.
-Interior and exterior condition pretty flawless for its age
-Fairly regular amount of rust on the outside for its age

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