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Disassemble the object. If you're polishing an item that can be taken apart, like rims, remove as many pieces of the object as you can before you start. This means taking the rims off the car, removing valve stems, and covering or removing any other applicable parts.
Remove the clear coating. Aluminum products are usually sealed with a clear coating that helps prevent corrosion. To remove this coating and polish the item, simply dip a clean rag in paint remover, and use it to wipe down the object, making sure to clean any nooks or tights spaces.
Sand the item to remove oxidation. Sand first with wet 400-grit paper, then repeat with 800-grit, and finish with 1200-grit. On the final stage of sanding, sand in one direction only.
Place a polishing bit on a Dremel tool, and use it to buff the item. Apply a small amount of metal polish to the object as you buff.
Give the object a final cleaning to remove any excess polish and grime. This final cleaning should be done using water and dish detergent, or a similar cleaning product.

Things You'll Need:
Paint remover
400-, 800-, 1200-grit sandpaper
Dremel tool
Polishing wheel/bit
Metal polish
Dish detergent
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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