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My video is called “Old or New they’re Always True”
It’s of my son and I going on a 4x4 Adventure with our Red 1992 4Runner.


One vote a day per computer/IP address…. So vote once a day, everyday for the month of April. The 10 most voted for video’s become finalist and have a chance to win a 4Runner

The video is made by my son (Ryan) and I (Mike)
Ryan is 10 and did most of the camera work. I would set up the camera, jump in the 4Runner, Ryan would hit record and pan the camera if it was necessary.
We got 2-3hrs worth of good footage in a couple weekends.

The filming was done on a HD (handheld) Camcorder,
All the movie editing was done in iMovie on a iMac.
The video editing and music took about +/-45hrs.

Thanks for the votes!

Mike & Ryan


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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