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Poly Performance 3" Synergy Stage 2 Suspension Systems w/shock is $2400 is it the best is it worth it or not or is there just as good or better out there. For my 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited x 4door auto.going to get 35" on it as well????????

Parts Included
* PPM-8051 - Front Lower Control Arms (Pair)
* PPM-8052 - Rear Lower Control Arms (Pair)
* PPM-8063-XX - Front Coil Springs (Pair)
* PPM-8064-XX - Rear Coil Springs (Pair)
* PPM-8059 - JK Front Sway Bar Link Kit
* PPM-8060 - JK Rear Sway Bar Links (Pair)
* PPM-80XX - Front Bump Stop Spacers(Pair)
* PPM-80XX - Rear Bump Stop Spacers(Pair)
* PPM-8055 - Front Track Bar Bracket
* PPM-8056 - Rear Track Bar Bracket
* PPM-8001 - High Steer Drag Link Kit
* PPM-8065 - Front Brake Line Kit
* PPM-8065 - Rear Brake Line Kit
* PPM-8074 - Rear Lower Shock Mounts (Pair)

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from what i have read online( on jk owners.com) they are a top notch product as wella s some excellent customer service. i think their a vendor on jk owners.com. sign up over there and start asking people there. im not sure how many jk owners are on this site, especially modded jk's.

edit: when i get mine jk rubi, thats what going in it.

on a side note, you could fit 35's on the jk with very little lift. you might even be able to highline the fenders and fit 35's on it with the proper backspacing on your wheels. just another option for you if your not into spending alot of $$ on the lift. 3-4 in on a jk and you can stufff 37's on it.
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