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Well the postill clean up was fantastic guys ,sure felt nice to clean up the environment.
A few of the Participants were: :)( sorry do not know everyones name yet)
Killerbugs,Terri and little max , Tazuki ,Magna ,magnas girl,and daughter Ashely ,Full throttle and Dee ,and her sister and family ,Jeremy ,Turner inside.

Events for the day:
over 300 kilos of garbage was talen to the dump..Special thanks to Tazuki for getting the passes from Regional..and thanks Regional.
That does not count the crushed cars ,cabs ,pickups ,engine parts that we drug out of the bush.... careful not to damage the environment! i might add.
:mad: Some people, I do not understand their idea of fun!

Once our cleaning was done, it was about time to eat..a nice barbque at postill ,then off to do some wheelin.
Magna got to try out his new cb ,and put a hole in the sidewall of his new tires.I still think a trade in may be necessary!
Oh yah and he never went wee wee in front of anyone this time..way to go Magna for keepin it in..and done up..

:) I got to get muddy, helping people get out of rutts and such..in an environmentally safe stuck like situation..no damage to the environment at all folks.No frogs stepped on either!

We got to watch Beaulieu and his giant yellow bannana of a monster truck play..and we got to all pull together literally when he got stuck..
It was a convoy of trucks working together(Magna ,Jeremy ,Killer Bugs ,Turner inside) to pull a 6200lb beast to solid ground.
What an absolute blast!
Now that is what 4x4in is all about ,just like when i was a wee thing going out with my papa.

End of day...
Homebound, Tuner was having front end problems ,so off to Killer Bugs house to fix things up.
terry cooked a nice dinner Thankyou.. a wonderful end to an awesome day.

Pictures to follow soon.
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