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I've got quite a few things going on, and I'm not sure what could be wrong. I'd like at least some ideas before I throw in the towel and go to my mechanic

Here are the things going on latelty

1) I have no power in 4th gear. Used to go up the cutt at 90 without a problem in 4th, now 80 is hard in 3rd.
It all started when I got my timing chain replaced
I had the timing done (it's set at 10dbtdc)
New water pump and top rad hose
New plugs year old wires new air filter and a 9month old cat
Recently cleaned my jets

2) My gas consumption hit an all time low on the last tank 275KM on 65L.

3) If you open the hood up, and quickly chomp down on the accelerator, you can hear an electrical click, like a spark thats

4) My lower rad hose is going, I'm sure of it (wet marks where it
meats up with the rad. So I'm going to try to do it myself.
This is the procedure I intend on using, pass on anything that I
could be missing or doing wrong:
a) drain rad
b) remove lower rad hose
c) replace and clamp new lower rad hose
d) fill rad up with coolant, and leave rad cap off
e) start car and run for 30min
f) top off rad fluid, close rad cap, and enjoy

first I'm going to try to just tighten the clamp on the hose, maybe thats all it needs

5) I think my distributor cap has something to do with my probs, but thats just an uneducated guess, how often should a cap and rottor be replaced?

6) anyone know a web page, or have good instructions on tuning(sp) the carter carb?

7) Lastly, when the car starts first thing in the morning, it makes a shaking noise kinda like something is shaking around, after a second or two it goes away and the jeep makes it's normal sounds

I hope someone can give me some ideas, I'm off of school thursday and friday, and that would be the perfect time to take a look at the jeep.

The old plugs were bosch platinum, I cleaned the old ones a year ago, and replaced them two days ago, they were all brownish/blackish, and one was just black.

Thankyou for the time, and sorry this is so long


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Im not sure If I am right, maybe someone else on the board can back me up or correct me, but I think when you go into high gear (4th) there is a solenoid on the carb that allows a faster flow of gas into it. If I am right about that possible this could be worn or not functioning and you arent getting enough gas.

Another possibility maybe water in the gas. Maybe try a fuel injecter cleaner, and a high octane gas to clean everything out

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