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I have a 1982 chevy shortbox that has a 350 in it, however stock the truck had a diesel engine and the guy who put the chevy small block in used all the mounts for the alternator, power steering pump ect. from the diesel engine and put them on the small block? Now I am having a problem with my power steering pump slipping out of place and losing power steering? I am putting stock mounts for a 350 on the truck but it is a 2 part power steering system with a resivoir and a hose connecting to the pump? Would I have to get a 350 power steering pump? (all in one like) While i'm on the subject my brakes seem to be surging when depressed almost like its pumping to the engine idle??? I notice that my booster is connected to the power steering pump as well, do you think there could be a connection? Thanks for reading my short story

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