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question fot TJ owners

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hey fellow jeepers..i just recently convinced my buddy to trade in his damn eagle talon for a 98 TJ...now he wants to lift it and put on 33's... need some suggestions on a 4" lift....

-looking to spend around $1000 for a lift
-would probably go wheeling maybe once a month if anything
-would like to run 33's foresure

any suggestion would be appreciated...


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For an occasional wheeler I tend to favor a 2" budget spring-spacer lift, long travel shocks, and a 1" body lift simply because it's cheap and it works. Use the difference in cash to buy skid plates.

Here's a thread with lots of good info on the other end of the spectrum:

Have a glance and let us know if you have any other questions.

Chris S.
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2000 TJ - 2" suspension lift, 1/2" body lift, assorted skids, hooks, rock rails, rock lights, 33" BFG MTs, custom bumper, Warn 8274
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It will really depend on what type of wheeling and how much wheeling he plans on doing. I like Chris' suggestion b/c it will save him bucks and skids plates is something I wish I had spent the money on in the beginning.

3" lift will clear most 33" tires no prob, with minimal if any rubbing. Plus he most likely won't need to worry about drive line vibes.

99' Blk TJ, 33's, 5" of lift, etc..
Well, I was talking to a guy with a TJ that had 32" tires with a 3" lift and it looked to be the PERFECT fit. This guy didn't have any vibration either with a stock SY. If your buddy doesn't plan on spending extra cash, this might be the way to go. It was a Teraflex S3T kit by the way.

Stock 2000 Jeep TJ Sport
hey allan, could you email me a picture of your jeep with lift installed and your 30"
tires. i need to see how the pro comp lift is like.
[email protected]
sorry to be off topic.
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