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I just put on the hardtop. I have the standard issue hardtop from
The dealership. Heres the problem.

On the hardtop there are two connectors. One is a wiring harness so
that power can go to an overhead lamp and power the wiper. The other
is one that connects the windshield washer fluid container to my
The problem is that years of use have made this connector hard to
Stay connected.
I connected everything up and tried the washer fluid and the
connector burst and gave a good squirt of washer fluid into the jeep.

I'm not sure if any of you have experienced this or not....my
question is ....is there any ways or replacing that connector with
one that is a little bit better? Any ideas? Suggestions? anything?



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At a guess I'd say the end of the rubber hose has softened and won't seal tight. If that's the case I'd cut 1/2" off the end and try again.

Another option is to get a tiny hose clamp to keep it in place.

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Washer Fluid all over your interior

Id suggest an air freshener

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