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if you have big tires and stock gearing, i really wouldnt worrie,i was getting 300 km to a tank with 33 and stock toy gear, all toys gas pots get crap for fuel milage once lifted and bigger tires, ,went desial less power then 22re/22r moter but fuel milage just kicks but and cant compare

Originally posted by [email protected]:
my truck seems to be buring too much gas.
what can i do to tune/clean up my FI system??

tomorow it gets oil, filters, S plugs, bushbumper, and more, what else should i be doing????

i am a bit heavy on the gas but i think something might be amiss or a bit off, should i change my cap/rotor and or leads?

a "tune up" on a truck seems to be alot dif them on a bike. on a bike you adjust valaves, syncronize the carbs, flush the brk fluid, fork oil, and eng oil. I cant seem to find anything to do on this engine.

i guess my question is what can i do to get the truck running more smothly {not that is running poorly}?

thx alot

"4x4s eat MORE BUSH!!!"
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