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Well it's time to fix it, only runnin' on 3 cylnders now!
Anyone have any good tips?
It's in my '89 Sidekick, so it's a fuel injected 8 valve.
Any input is appriciated.
thanx JC

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Hmmm... depends WHY it's only running on 3 cylinders...

Whatever you do don't forget to have the carbon cleaned out of the head (believe it or not some people forget to do this). If you plan on keeping the vehicle I'd do the following:

overbore as little as possible
balance all the internal parts
blueprint (this means make sure pieces "connect" to each other correctly i.e. exhaust ports EXACTLY match header and gasket)
3 angle valve job
port and polish intake and exhaust

guessing that all this should run you at most an extra $500. None of it is rocket science (except balancing the crank, which some shops may not be equipped to do)and as long as the porting and polishing is not overdone you should still have a very streetable machine that is very reliable and powerful.

If you have $$$ and it was a race car I'd say convert to a dry sump oiling system. I THINK the principle behind it makes it just as good for off road applications, but don't quote me on that.

I personally would NOT do the following:

high compression pistons (gas is expensive enough without buying high octane fuel)
ignition system (I've only noticed a difference on older vehicles and mostly at higher RPMs)
Hi-lift Camshaft (same as ignition - go mild for low RPMs)

Air intake on a 4X4 is difficult because you have to weigh freeway power vs. chance of geeting water into the engine. If you never 4x4 in anything deeper that a foot or so, you can create a ram air tube yourself for $50. If you go in deep water you're stuck with a snorkel.

That's all I can think of right now (and coffe breaks over) just remember all my info. comes from racing cars so use your own judgement as to whether or not it will work for you in your own vehicle application.


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Thanks! Any input is good input.
I was going to bore it, send the head out to be done, and do a mild cam. So, I was on the right track. My buddy told me I had to have the crank polished, but if it isn't too much more balancing would probably be a good idea... I'll look into it.

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Oh by the way, it's probably a bad intake valve or spring. Also, the front crank and cam seals where leaking pretty bad, so it was ALWAYS low on oil. I put quite a few miles on it before I repaired them. This is why I just can't get away with doing the head.
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