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hey guys, i just finished rebuilding my head gasket, dirka reminded me to take pictures, but had already taken everything apart, so i got photos of the rebuild
feel free to add tips or what ever to make life easier for some one who hasnt done it before like me.[cheers]

while taking the head off, i zap strapped the chain to the sprocket to make sure it was at top dead center, i used a budgie cord to attach it to the hood to keep tension on it.

instead of taking everything apart on the intake, i just took it off the head and let it lean against the fender, there are 12 12mm bolts i believe holding it on not including the SECRET allen key bolt thats almost impossible to see
below are some pictures of where it is

that allen key bolt is located under the passenger side of the thermostat, its hard to see, but its there. i used a long extension and allen key on the back to loosen and it, also its about 3 inches long.

i sanded down the block and side of the intake to make sure it was perfectly smooth and flat, i used a little piece of 2x4 and attached sad paper.

i took my head to NT machine shop in langley, they did a great job[36]
i got it machined and pressure tested for $115 bucks
they also ordered me a full top end gasket set aswell for $100

while waiting for the head to come back i took the oil pan off to clean out all the baby poo of oil and anitfreeze, looked like shit!

being a first timer at all this i did try to keep everything somewhat in order this worked for the first bit, then got lazy:D

so now that i had everything ready i began to put the head gasket back on and put the head on aswell

after put the head on i began to put all 10 head bolts on aswell, there is a noted sequence on how to torque them all down, make sure to look how, all bolts at the end were torqued to 59fbs.
you can also see i had put the chain back on and cam shaft bolt aswell

here i posted a picture of where that second secret little bolt is..but is not on mine :D missing, maybe. but that little hole you see under the cam shaft bolt is where the bolt normally is, and is not always visible because oil sits on that little shelf, but in order to get the head off you must taken all 10 head bolts and this little suckergo **** yourself

after the head chain and cam bolt was done i began to connect the intake and header back on, also using the supplied gaskets from the kit.

here i started to paint my header valve cover and pan, not knowing it wasn't high heat paint, DUH im an idiot!:confused:

got the oil pan back on, also used a gasket that you can get for that aswell, tightening the bolts in a star pattern to make sure there was a perfect seal all away around.

couple last steps, got the valve cover on and both and intake and hedder are bolted up tight, put the dist cap plugs wires and vacum hoses all back on, made sure the belts were tight and began to do the fluids.
make sure when filling the anitfreeze back up that you keep the cap off, to let all air bubbles out, it will burp a bit but thats okay.

got all the fluids in and it was start time after connecting some loose wires and making sure all the vacuum lines were clean and attached right, she started up! good to hear that dam motor again.
my buddy used his timing light to get everything perfect and shes a good to go! ..just need alittle valve adjustment and shes go to go!

thanks to zac for giving me a hand, helped out alot with his knowledge and extra hands! beers on me buddy[cheers]

so i know i dont have photos of everything single little step i did but hopefully got the majority of it, please feel free to add helpful tip, tricks and shortcuts, for other people who have never done it before, or other photos!
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