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Revolver Shackles?

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I've been looking into getting a set of those Revolver Shackles. I've checked on the net and so far people are happy with the increased flex but I'm also looking to get them because they are supposed to give a smoother ride. The feeling of driving a Sherman tank is getting a bit rough on the body (Mine). I would be putting them on a 84' CJ-7. Any advice on this would be great thanks.
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i haven't riden on any but i hear good and bad things about them. for example if they are in the rear they open up when going down a steep hill which wouldn't be the best feeling. but who am i to say anything, i don't have them so i might be wrong.

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Have you tried any of the free fixes to improve your ride?

- check to see if your shackle bolts are too tight. I use nylock nuts and locktight and torque them to about 15ftlbs.
- Loosen the clamps on your spring packs.
- check your tires pressure (you don't much more than 30psi in a Jeep with Radials)

etc etc.

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I think there's a pin you put in when you're driving on the road. I don't think they'll smooth out you ride there.

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If you're interested in ride get a car.
You own a Jeep...get used to it.


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IMO, Don't bother with them, the bad stuff *axle wrap *opening and closing on steep uphills under torque * added stress on the shackle hangers and frame *unperdictable suspension unloading in steep down hill and off camber situations. I've used this type shackle and found these problems frist hand. The road ride will not change by just adding these shackles. If you do deceide to do this you'll need shocks with a long extention length and longer brake lines. I have a home made design on my site you can use if you know how to fab steel but it's not worth the problems, buy some good flexy springs instead.

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Hey thanks for the advise, Think I'm going to look in another direction. I knew the crack about getting a car was going to come up. Thanks again though. Hey Pyro I'm getting transferred to Hawaii in September I'll be in Oahu (sp) any good places to wheel?
Bad news for you, very few trails ,The only trails on Oahu(i live on the Big Island of Hawaii not Oahu) are on gated private land and it's very hard to get the keys. Only Peacock Flats trail is open to the public but it's on militiary land and it's also gated. You'll need to make a request to use a key. I sent my CJ over to Oahu last July for Top Truck Challange(got 1st) and meet alot of the local wheelers, maybe I can get them to show you some spots.

If you want real rockcrawling, the Big Island is the place to be. A thousand square miles of old lava flows and only a few dozen crawlers using it
It cost about 200 bucks to round trip your jeep to any of the outer islands. So, come on over for a weekend after you get setup.

Big Island RockCrawlers

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