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Found this in one of the journals I was looking through:

TI: Open air carbon monoxide poisoning©
AU: Jumbelic-Mary-I {a}
AD: {a} Onondaga County, 330 W© Onondaga St©, Syracuse, NY 13202, USA
SO: Journal-of-Forensic-Sciences© Jan©, 1998; 43 ¥1¤ 228-230©
PY: 1998
DT: Article-
IS: 0022-1198
LA: English
AB: An unusual manner of carbon monoxide poisoning claimed the lives of two
adults in two separate incidents© In the first case, a young man was four
wheeling in a swampy area when his jeep became stuck in the mud as he continued
to floor the accelerator© Carbon monoxide fumes entered the vehicle through the
rusted floorboards, killing the driver© In the second case, two teens were
skinny dipping behind a motor boat when they became affected by the boat
exhaust© One of the youths was overcome and submerged into the lake© Both
incidents were initially attributed to incorrect causes - a car accident and a
drowning - because of the false notion that carbon monoxide is not a hazard in a
ventilated area© The carboxyhemoglobin levels in these victims were 78 and 62%
respectively© It was only through laboratory testing that carbon monoxide
poisoning was identified as the cause of their demise© Physicians as well as the
public need to be aware of the potential for this life threaten!
ing hazard to occur so that there can be proper emergency treatment and the
prevention of fatalities©
MC: Forensics-; Toxicology-
ST: Hominidae-: Primates-, Mammalia-, Vertebrata-, Chordata-, Animalia-
OR: human- ¥Hominidae-¤: adolescent-, adult-, female-, male-
TN: Animals-; Chordates-; Humans-; Mammals-; Primates-; Vertebrates-
CB: carbon-monoxide; carboxyhemoglobin-
DS: carbon-monoxide-poisoning: open-air, toxicity-
MQ: laboratory-testing: determination-method
MI: mortality-: cause-; Case-Study
AN: 199800510024
UD: 19981030

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my brother just lost a friend recently(thursday) to carbon monoxide poisoning he was asleep on a fishing boat being towed back to port after breaking down at sea

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lol at you i always tell silver bullit just the opposite friends dont let friends drive toys

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yup, brand loyalty sucks. oh well at least I wont be trying to figure out how to get my truck with a broken frame home

i'll drive anything if its the right price, preference is domestic though

-'85 cherokee, 2" lift, 31x10.5's, custom body work(aka tree's and small car mirrors), blue with custom wet coast pinstipping, tinted windows, spare tire on the roof. retiring soon to be replaced by....
-'83 J-10, 30x9.5's, 258 straight 6, 5spd. totally stock and waiting to go up.

the pages of my life, http://www.angelfire.com/extreme/edges
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