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Hi guys,

From when I was 16 to 21 I had a 78 Land Cruiser that I built all by myself (full frame off, 3.5 inch lift, 33's). Being a poor student I was in need of a vehicle that was fuel effient and wasn't always broken. In came the VW, its faster, cheaper and more reliablr that the TLC, but its not a 4x4. Now after 6 months of farugnugen, I want a kidney jarring ride again. So if you guys could tell me the weak points of a sidekick are that would be great. And also I have a set of 235/75/R15 Super Diggers lying around what would it take to fit them? I was thinking 2" coil spacer with a body lift. One more question, how high can I lift the body without having to worry about new break lines?

from your new friend mike.
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