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I got a pile of questions for you chevy guys. I'm buying a sbc soon, because I would like to put it in my cruiser this fall. I not sure what to look for. AA sells a 350 to 4spd adapter, but I may not want to run a 350. So...

-Are the 4.3l, 305, 327, 350, 400 bellhousings the same? I could run any if so?

-Is it true that 305's are garbage?

-Should I waste my time with tbi? (it looks really hard to figure out).

-Will 350 trannys bolt up to 305's and 327's?

Thanks for the help

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Chev I6's, V-8's, share the same bell houseing bolt pattern. 305's aren't really junk, but cubes = power. 350 would be the cheapest way to go. 400's are my fav. people say they over heat due to the centre cyl walls touching, but it's the heads. Just put on a set of early 350 heads. I know of a few guys who built 383's (350 with 400 crank) but have had problems blowing them up. 454 if you really want power, a few guys in Westbank have them in their Cruisers. As for an auto trans, go with a T-400 if you can. TBI ?, forget it, go with propane. It's just like being injected for off camber stuff, but cheaper to buy & put in, no electronics, & prop. is almost half the price of gas.
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