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smittybilt accessories

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i bought a smittybilt bumper thumper for my toyota about a year ago and it's starting to rust and chip already. it's been on my truck for no more than 10,000km and there's rust juice running down it and chunks coming off the non metal parts. anyone else have experience with this crap?

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Typical, poor powder coating job or maybe even only wet paint, my smitty lasted a year, most smitty products are powder coated vs. painted and powder coating if the item is cleaned properly and coated properly should easily last 4-5 (Or as long as 10) years and should WELL outlast a standard wet paint job. I would ask the place you bought it to look at it, however they will probably tell you to pound sand because most places don't warranty paint and considerit a "wear" part. To have it repainted, it will need to be sandblasted, and then powder coated. This should cost you from $100 if you know someone to more likely $200.00 If you wish I can refer you to someone that could handle this for a reasonable price. (I am in the Powder Coating Business myself, I build the systems for painting, however I do not do any coating). Cheers! Chad.

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i would spray it with a couple layers of hammerite after you sandblast or and it .... i found a place that sells hammerite for 1.99 a can compared to 7-8 dollars everywere else.. hammerite takes longer to harden then most paints i would keep it somewere hot for a couple days because the paint is kind of fiberglass resin and hardens nice and dont chip.. thats the stuff the coat like rakes in

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Ive seen it at Revy
Originally posted by nfc:
where do you get this hammerite paint?
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