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I've seen an SOA YJ without SYE
t-case was only dropped about an inch too...
I honestly have no idea how it was done seeing as he had a low pinion 9" in the rear aswell
confused the hell outta me
angles looked pretty steep but he's not spitting out ujoints so go figure

i guess it can be done
I actually almost decided to attempt it before my t-case exploded
now i have an SYE so no worries
maybe next summer

This YJ I was lookin at was a mannual 4.2L
maybe it's a shorter drivetrain than what i have but now looking at it...
I don't think it can be done.

At the very least the DS would need lenghtening...

I don't think I'd buy the kit either.

You'll need brake line extensions (can probably be bought at a local spring shop or even a parts store).
New U-bolts (two are one size six are abother size...they are on the front axle, just drive the jeep to the shop and have them measure them) and centering pins and spring perches (at the spring shop as well)
and a dropped pitman arm...atleast 4"
(a hi steer setup would be much more street friendly but also cost $$$!!!)
you will also need to figure out what length shock you will need and how they are gonna be mounted

and that's about it....
just make sure you've removed the trac and sway bars previous to the install...

you'll also need access to a welder and a buncha tools.

didn't you start a thread about this a while back that caused a big stink (hehe that would be me)...

It's honestly a big job and not an easy thing to do.
think and read about it lots before you attempt anything...
make sure you are confident...that you can break down the entire thing in your head...
I usually get pretty obsessive about these type of things and lay awake for hours thinking about it.
So when the time comes to pull the jeep apart I've done the thing like fifty million times already in my head.
then the next time when you pull it apart it's sooooooo simple...you don;t even have to think about it.

Now, before i hit the post reply button i just wanna see what these smileys look like or do just because i've never seen anyone post them before...

1992 YJ with 33's

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