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Originally posted by tony:
greg can i please pick your brain?
i have a 81 cj 7 i just purchased.I was thinking toyoya p/u diffs with 4.10s in a SOA
I am expecting to redo the drive shafts ,what else could I expect?...SYE...big transfer case drop? I know your not an expert,I know you didnt use toyota diffs but you might know
what to expect. thanx
A Jeep with Toyota axles.........sounds good to me
I don,t think that you will run into as many problems as the YJ guys have due to the fact that your CJ came factory with a far superior transfercase the Dana 300.
You will have to run a CV in the rear driveline ( maybe in the front too ) and there are Toy to 1310 (stock jeep style) conversion u-joints available.
I would definitley go for the superior spicer slip yokes for the drivelines (the ones with the blue polymer coating)

after all real Jeeps have six lugs.........***

*** (excluding me, I will soon have eight..)

1948 WILLYS flatfender
Gradually becoming un-toyotafied.......Got 4.3???
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