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soft top zippers

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My zipper on my soft broke off a while back and i keep putting it off. I was woundering if anyone knows a place who can fix my zipper on the rear window on my YJ. It aint the hole zipper that is broken it is just the part that u put between your fingers and pull that broke. (u know what i mean)

thanks in advance

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I have the same problem. I went to an upolstry shop and he told me it aint worth fixin cause it won't last. The Jeep tops(TJ anyway) have an odd style zipper that you cannot buy from the dealer and I doubt the wrecker is going to give up just the zipper part when he can sell the hole top. I believe the zippers are a larger size and are a male/male style zipper as opposedto a male/female style.

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you should try calling Brock at Gemini Jeep in Langley, thats who i called when the DS soft zipper was messed up on our YJ...he has some good advice. Also waxing the zippers with a candle helps them work better.
Originally posted by 4Lo:
...The Jeep tops...have zippers that are male/male style zipper as opposedto a male/female style...
I always knew they were gay, now you have the proof.

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