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Adda-boy Tim, nice to here your parts are finally arriving! I seen another Pi$$-Finder yesterday that came out of the closet and went straight. I think he was running leafs unfortunately (IMHO) and was riding like Startsky & Hutch exept with the Front end jacked-up and not the rear????? Also looked to have about a 6-puck body-lift on her as well...

Hey Tim, I'm trying to put together a bunch of conversion kits / axles etc, that are compatible for us OutCast's, so do you know if the drivers side pumpkin (Non-Ford) Dana 60 on some of the old Jeep Kaiser's came with the Kaiser's or are they From the J-10 Honcho's? I've seen them on Kaiser's, but I'm not sure which application they originated from!

BTW - Let me know if you need a hand with your swap, just give me about a week's notice so I can drive out there to Vermont! Hahahaha

"My Drinking Team Has A Rockcrawling Problem!"

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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