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Originally posted by CJ DAVE:
my rear tires are rubbing against my tailpipe
Would it be simpler to get your tail-pipe bent a bit? I would think so...

What's the max. distance spacers can provide? 2"?
Here's one source (geez, I'm getting good at URL-guessing): http://www.wheelspacers.com/

IIRC, they're very pricey. In local speed shops you should be able to find cheap 1/4" thick spacers, but beyond this, you're into big-$$$ territory.

I agree with Lars about the added stress on the bearings too. 2" is a LOT of extra stress.

If your heart is really set on wider/bigger tires and your wallet decides it's up to the challenge of fixing it properly, then I would suggest considering wider axles (and running standard-offset wheels, making for good bearing life).

My $0.02.

Hey it's only a message board - Lighten Up!

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