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Sunrise pics

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Pics from the beaters trip up to sunrise lake. Amazing camping spot up there, thanks for the directions 1badfordtruck.

<a href=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1788128&a=13847188>See my photos of Sunrise Lake at PhotoPoint</a>

1978 GMC 3/4T 350/465/205 dents scratches some mods and 265/75/16 BFG M/T
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Originally posted by beaterchevy:
...thanks for the directions 1badfordtruck.
Hey, not a problem. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
Hope the dust wasn't too bad on the Harrison road.

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Looks like you got some of that dent out of the box from Eagle.

Nice pics.

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Yeah, with a 5lb dent puller, no experience, and a six pack we got it a little flatter. To bad I added to it with dents in the other side, both front fenders and the shotgun door.

It doesn't seem so bad anymore.

1978 GMC 3/4T 350/465/205 dents scratches some mods and 265/75/16 BFG M/T
Nice Pic's.

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"I hope that was the skidplate"
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