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any one done this sort of thing?? ,,it would be nice to get rid of this leaky power stering crap thats bolted on to the axel,, its some sort of ram rod power assist or something ,then the
pitman arm has this hydralic sending unit attached to it thats pissing fluid too, the drum ,front breaks suck the big one too,,

i hear that u can do a axle and power steering swap ,from a l8ter model truck ,,,, if anyone has any information on this procedure
please write ,, thanx,,

I did one on my '69, F-250. Same frame as yours. I used '79 D44 front axle & steering box from the same. Axle bolts right in. Remove the old man. box, & tourch off the bent up lip on the frame. Then I boxed in that area to mount the box on the inside frame rail, marked my holes, drilled & then welded in tubes for the bolts to go through. I then retapered (bigger) the tapper on the pitman arm from below, & the steering arm on the axle from above. I then used a Chev ajustable drag link. cutting off 1" from ech tie rod end, & 1" off each end of the sleeve. This gives you an ajustable link, & with the forward end mount from the bottom up, & the rear end mount from the top, putting the drag link level. For the steering rod from colum to box I used on off a Dodge p/u, & shortened one end. Other makes may work.
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