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Character arc
Although most Fae are now unaware of his past, Trick was The Blood King.
Dyson has known his secret since the late 1800s, when he and Trick first met and left Europe together for the "New World" (North America). (La Fae Époque)
Kenzi learned it from the Lightning Bird, Gloris. (The Mourning After)
Hale found out the truth from Wai Lin. (Barometz. Trick. Pressure)
When Hale inadvertently discloses Trick's secret to Lachlan, Lachlan kneels before Trick and offers his service as The Ash. The gesture is almost immediately negated by Trick's inquiry whether these are the services of the Naga or 'only' The Ash, showing that secrets abound.
The King wrote a fate with his blood that made the armies of Rainer, the rebel general, turn against him. When Rainer was killed in battle, he erased his existence from Fae history, and damned his soul to spend eternity on the Death Train as punishment. (Destiny’s Child)

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