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The Official Eagle Ridge Thread (moderated!)

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Ok, so what plans / ideas do you folks have regarding Eagle Ridge?

Since the mayor is probably doing this under pressure from some persuasive constituents (which is always the case), I'm sure he'd like a solution which is quick and cheap. Therefore, I think you should avoid any ideas that involve a manned gate because it's simply not going to happen.

A 4x4 park is also unlikely unless you can get the province on side (since it is Crown land even though PoCo controls access to it via the reservoir road). In a way, that would be useful because then we all become stakeholders in the project simply because we are BC residents. If it remains a strictly municipal issue, it will be much more difficult for us because the city is only answerable to its citizens.



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BTW, here are the notes from the meeting:

Notes from the 4WDABC Eagle Ridge Meeting


· Position of the Mayor of Coquitlam reviewed, with his declaration of the
City’s intention to close the area to vehicular traffic due mainly to the
issues of fire risk and vandalism.

· Present stand of the Provincial Government, Ministry of Sustainable
Development and Lands reviewed (as indicated in letters sent to Wes Rempel
in response to his queries regarding the closure of the area and/or it
being made into a park with no vehicular access): essentially, the
Ministry has stated that there is no jurisdiction for the City of
Coquitlam to designate the Crown land of Eagle Ridge as a park; nor is
there any application before them from the City to have the area
designated a Provincial Park; lastly, the Ministry doesn’t appreciate that
there is any need for a provincial park in this area at this time, and
would have to be convinced of this by appropriate application/proposal.

Dale McGregor explained that the purpose of this meeting was to seek input
from interested parties to augment the ideas that had already been
discussed within the 4WDABC; he outlined the various proposals and invited
comments from the attendees, seeking constructive criticism as well as new
proposals/suggestions. The meeting was meant to be a pre-cursor to the
4WDABC making a decision about how they wished to address Eagle Ridge

Ideas discussed by the 4WDABC and outlined by Jeff/Dale:

· locked gate: would result in exclusive access, ie regulated with a key
and limited to those who meet the regulatory requirements, such
requirements to be determined through consensus among the City, the
Landowners, the Golf Course and the 4WDABC (and interested
parties)....prefaced with comments that this was proposal of last resort

· access fee to contribute to monitoring costs by fire dept/police etc

· discussion from the floor indicated that locked gate with exclusive
access definitely should be a last resort proposal - goal would be
continued access for everyone; avoid exclusionary solutions to the Eagle
Ridge issue if at all possible Dale McGregor raised the spectre that there
is a risk that due to the urban location of Eagle Ridge and the nature of
the resident population (expensive homes, politically influential
land-owners, non-4x4ing residents and an anticipated negative response
from the golf and country club to any type of access) that an exclusionary
solution may be the only way to maintain access through the City right of
way: speaker from the floor was recognized (Paul Gagnon, Member of the
SCAT) and Paul of firm belief that exclusionary solution not appropriate.
In his opinion, either all should have access, or none should have access

· monitored access similar to Stave Lake another consideration: proposal
to City in this regard, with a contribution from interested parties to
voluntarily provide monitoring/supervisorial role to area; trail adoption;
signage indicating adopted trail; recording of unusual activities,
reporting of activities to local RCMP;

· more visibility, cleanups, public awareness; tasteful fliers/information
circulars distributed to the affected residents in the area:
educating/explaining our efforts to be part of the solution and inviting
their support

· limited entrance through construction of an obstacle, similar to Walker
valley in Washington state with by-pass meant to restrict access to
certain vehicles

· attendance at City Council meeting/delegation to attempt to organize
meeting with the Mayor to address his concerns and find out what is behind
his proposal to shut the area to vehicular access Other ideas from the
· Cameras and barricades: discussion regarding the concerns of the Muni re
the water supply/reservoir and susceptibility to vandalism/terrorism -
proposal for an OHV type area; consideration to be given to directing our
energies to having area established as OHV park, similar to parks outside
of Calgary, Walker Valley and the like.

· need to gather more information....what is the real root of the
problem?; contact the residents in area who are probable source of present
stance of Municipality; education of residents of needs of 4x4 community
and responsible nature of majority; offer to be part of the solution in
addressing concerns of residents; Town Hall meeting suggested at Golf
Course with invitation to residents: discussion of the realities of the
likely present attitude of the home-owners and difficulty in motivating
them to attend such a meeting.

· Council minutes as an information source...query whether they refer to
this at all, or is there a back-room agenda from the influential residents
on the Ridge spurring the Mayor’s position? (apparently yes, as stated by
Sean M who accessed them: he had done fairly extensive i-net research to
determine the “reported” nature of the problem that City council asked to
address: the main concern was fire and vandalism activity (theft of auto
with dumping and burning of it by vandals): letters from the fire marshal
for the city expressing concern about the risk to the resident
home-owners; whether the fire marshal’s letters were the product of the
Ridge residents to “paper” the concerns is unknown (some people suspicious
of this type of agenda)

· avoidance of perceived nuisance by use of an alternate access route
(back way in) so as not to disturb the residents with the parade of
vehicles past their front doors - need input from other interested
parties; Hikers (Gerry knows someone in the federation of mountain
hikers?); mountain bikers group

· petition from interested parties to show amount of support for our
involvement in this area, and to show the range of people using it..we
aint all gas jockeys! petition to include individuals, businesses,
companies etc who support us.

· raise visibility by holding events specifically in Coquitlam? boy scout
runs, food bank drive: educate community of the charitable nature/aspect
of the 4WDABC.

· media coverage, radio...newspaper ads..PUBLICITY; advertisement in the
local newspapers addressing the issue and promoting the 4x4 community
(potentially emphasizing the charitable nature of the organizations etc)

· radio coverage of issue proposed

· efforts should be made to invite more input/assistance from those who
have an interest in vehicular access to Eagle Ridge and who may not be
aware of the 4WDABC; signage at the trail head with 4WDABC contact
information to seek additional support As the restaurant was closing, time
became an issue towards the end of the discussion. The meeting was a
successful open exchange of ideas, and further discussion was determined
to be necessary. Gerry Bolduc proposed that another meeting be held, to
finalize the discussion of the various approaches and ideas. After that
meeting, the 4WDABC committee would decide upon the approach(es) to be
taken and would contact the volunteers and designate roles to play in
implementation. Chris Bell volunteered to scout out a location, preferably
in Coquitlam...to get back to us on the locale. Then we can decide the
time. There was a general recognition that time is of essence and a need
to continue the momentum, so an early date is anticipated.
On behalf of the 4WDABC we wish to thank and acknowledge the contribution
of each of the attendees. The 4WDABC intends to make every effort to
advance t he interests of 4-wheel drive enthusiasts, and appreciates your
support. The implementation of the proposed solutions to the issue of
Eagle Ridge will require your continued support. We look forward to being
able to rely upon each of you for that support as we attempt to maintain
vehicular access to Eagle Ridge on your behalf.



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Paul Ballantyne, a Coquitlam resident, has been doing a lot of leg work and logging lots of phone time in trying to figure out a way to keep Eagle Ridge open for all users. He managed to speak with a sympathetic and very knowledgeable person at the City of Coquitlam and presents these notes based on that conversation:

(Note: Paul has asked me to keep his source anonymous so we will refer to the person as "K")

Apparently the request to shut-down Eagle Mountain was brought up
without warning during a city council meeting on November 19. The idea
of turning the area into a city park was suggested by the mayor. K
said that the mayor made the park comment without asking city council,
or talking with any city committees. I guess the mayor thinks that he
knows best and doesn't need to go through council. Needless to say,
council wasn't impressed, but they are use to the Mayor shooting his
mouth off.

1) We MUST form a 4x4 club in the City of Coquitlam if one does not
exist, (I don't know of any). K says that the city won't want to
waste their time dealing with the desires of non-residents. I
half-heartedly agree with this..... would Surrey considered a want from
me, a Coquitlam resident, I doubt it? The umbrella organization of the
4WDABC is not sufficient, we need to get all the Coquitlam four-wheeling
residents together to form a club. It does not have to be a society.

2) A battle plan must be formed. We need a desired solution, and
backups. The solution should try to keep all parties involved happy.
Suggesting idea such a using the Hydro lines for access is good, but we
need to back that up with permission for Hydro themselves. Don't expect
the City of Coquitlam to do the work for us, we must do it all. For
example, it we want a Walker Valley type entrance, we would have to
raise the money to do it, not expect the city to fund it.

3) Once a battle plan has been agreed upon, we need to approach the
city with it. We would start this off by making a presentation to the
Coquitlam Parks Committee. This committee is responsible for reporting
their recommendation to the council directly. If they like what we
suggest, they will pass that recommendation to council for review and a
If we are unhappy with that outcome, we can request to be a delegation
in front of council and plead our case their. No matter which way we
go, it must be approached as a group FROM the City of Coquitlam.

I believe that the 4WDABC should look in this direction if they wish to
be successful. Even myself as an individual and a resident has no
pull. We need a Coquitlam club. I have never joined a 4x4 club before,
but would be more than willing to do so if the outcome would look
positive. Personally, I think the number 1 issue that needs resolved is
if we have permission to be on crown land. Do we? Perhaps our lawyer
friend, (sorry, don't know his name), could find this out as it is very
important to our fight. If we are not allowed on crown land, our fight
just ended.

Hope this helps!

Paul Ballantyne
Coquitlam, BC


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I would be more than willing to join a Coquitlam club, but we don't have one yet. Got a name? If so let's make one and get the ball rolling ok .

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I'm all for that,let's get the ball rolling, does anyone have any suggestions as to a name.

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Originally posted by go4it:
I would be more than willing to join a Coquitlam club, but we don't have one yet. Got a name? If so let's make one and get the ball rolling ok .
OK go4it you or fuzfoot start it since you guy live in coquitlam but just start it!!! I'll join and I'm sure we can get more people to join I'll help out to get the ball rolling
then there will be one in coquitlam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Ford Angel:
I'm all for that,let's get the ball rolling, does anyone have any suggestions as to a name.
yes today fuzfoot and go4it and myself have talked and we came up with possible "trail riders" this sound good enough.

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81 toyo
not much but it's my toy
it's never let me down EVER or should i say until my wife drove in!!
remember what we go in with we must come out with even if it is just parts !!

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Ok i'm into it just let me know what I can do!

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i would join a coquitlam chapter in a second.

cheers: eric

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Originally posted by udermind?:
yes today fuzfoot and go4it and myself have talked and we came up with possible "trail riders" this sound good enough.
That sounds like a good name. Very innocuous and mature-sounding.



I'm in if you guys need any help....

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I'm in, and will try and help with whatever i can.

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hey everyone what do you guys and gals think of this one "Coquitlam Ridge Crawlers" it lets everyone know it a Coq based club, and it has Ridge in it like Eagle ridge, and it gives people the idea we don't just go speeding around.. so if you're happy with this then we will stay with it!!! and fuzfoot just received email and was told to contact Wes in 4wdabc because he is in charge of club memberships so he will keep us informed.. it's good to see everones input and lets not sit on it let just do it. Everyone welcome to help out and to join...
chow for now

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81 toyo
not much but it's my toy
it's never let me down EVER or should i say until my wife drove in!!
remember what we go in with we must come out with even if it is just parts !!
I am a Coquitlam res. and would very much like to be involved in any way that I can.
It's not really close to home, but I like everyone who is working on creating this club, and think it would turn out to be a great club. I would join it. I think the "Coquitlam Ridge Crawlers" is a GREAT name.

PS Has anyone come up with a date for the next Eagle Ridge meeting?

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Id love to help but im in whistler all week days. Tel me if there is anything for me to do on the weekends.

BTW club name is cool ill join up

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I think the name "Coquitlam Crawlers" is a great name. Mabye everyone interestd in the creating of this club should meet in person on a Saturday. We should think about decals and club cards and some very important regulations towards driving habits etc. We donot want preople driving around with a decal on their rig and having them drive like Andretti giving members a bad name. Next we should think about some sort of charity work. More input guys/gals.
I think it is a good idea for everyone to get to meet everyone who wants to get this thing off the ground and hopefully some one can come up with the info we need to get started.

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anyone know where we should meet?

take off that skirt and shut up and just giver
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