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The promised highway

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Back in the 60's, during the the flooding of the Arrow Lakes Region, studies were implemented by the government looking into the need for highway connectors, rather than ferry services. One such highway had been planned for construction from Fauquier/Applegrove (Needles ferry currently operates on the Arrow Lakes at Fauquier) southeast to Passmore. This highway would have followed the Koch Creek/Octopus trail. Due to government miscalculations, the groundbreaking never occured. However the trail traversing this section of the Selkirk region still exists and provides some great scenery. The run could be done within a day, with an early start, however making it a weekend trek would seem more appropriate. The trail is rough, but passable. I'm afraid that I have no pictures of this area in mind as I had discovered this trail by chance while driving the TFL one day, and inquired about its intents thereafter. [The Arrow and Kootenay Lake Forest Districts Recreation Map clearly shows the trail in mind]

I've used up my sick days, so I'm calling in dead, and I'd like three funeral days along with my weekend off.
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Originally posted by hay:
. It's questionable for me.

Jeeps probably wouldn't have a problem.

Gotta love the truth ...gak gak gak

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