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The wind was heavy on one christmas eve,
Santa took to the ground,he could barely see,
He was cruising thru Cali,in his mighty red sleigh
and said,if i dont hurry,there'll be no xmas day.
Blitzin turned and said,"santa you wont fail"
We know a shortcut called the rubicon trail.

They headed for the trail,but when they got there,
The rocks looked bigger,than they did from the air
The reindeer struggled to make the sleigh go,
But the size of the rocks made the progress slow.
They tried really hard,but there just wasnt a way.
To get axle articulation from an old wooden sleigh

Santa felt so helpless,he sat upon the ground,
Suddenly in the distance came a roaring sound,
Like a wound up toy thats been tightly wound,
They saw it pop over a boulder,big and stout,
A rock crawling,mud boggin,INTERNATIONAL SCOUT!

Its fenders dented,its sides all scratched,
The top had holes that hadn't been patched,
But its tires were big ones,35 inch,
And the front bumper sported a shiny new winch,
"If your taking the rubicon"the scout had to say
"Go with a group and get tires for that sleigh",

Santa said"I'm sorry,I feel like a jerk".
The old scout said nothing,it just went to work,
The sleigh was unstuck and free in a cinch,
Thanks to that SCOUT and its shiny new winch,
Santa went on to fulfill christmas day,
With the old I.H. Scout leading the way,

Now many years have passed,the reindeer older,
They don't fly so well when it gets colder,
But santa's still out there each year without fail
Fulfilling his promise in the air and on the trail
So on christmas eve,never have a doubt,
You just might see him in that I.H. RED SCOUT!



Found on the Binderbulletin

Be alert!

Your country needs lerts!

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