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Terrance Martin is putting together a proposal to the CRD regarding access to the trails at Sooke. He's proposing a pilot project for this summer to allow 110 people and their trucks to access the area behind the Harbourview gate. Each person will pay $155 for the privilege.

Why so much? If I understand things correctly, $17,000 is what the CRD estimated it'd cost to establish a gate system to allow motorized vehicle access into the proposed park area. Obviously, they're unlikely to put up that much money just to see if fourwheelers can responsibly use the trails. They would rather we disappeared.

So SIMRAC (South Island Motorized Recreation Advisory Council) is trying to raise the money itself. If it gets enough people to pledge to pay the money and participate in the pilot project, SIMRAC will make it public and formally propose it. But first they need to find 'wheelers willing to step up to the plate.

IMO, this is why it is important to support this initiative:
  1. Some of those opposed to motorized recreation have accused fourwheelers of being too dis-organized to stand up for their sport. This will prove otherwise.
  2. One of our arguments for supporting motorized recreation is that it will bring economic benefits to businesses near fourwheeling trail systems. Spending $155 for access to this area, just for the summer, shows we're serious about our sport and have the money to spend on it.
  3. This is an important opportunity to prove that fourwheelers can responsibly use a sensitive area, and co-exist with other outdoors groups.
  4. It will really piss-off the anti-motorized recreation groups. ;)

$155 is only two tanks of gas (for some of your poor bastards, it's only one). If you've never 'wheeled in the Sooke area, this is a golden opportunity. This place is ideal for stock to mildly built 4x4s. Some of the best 'wheeling trips I've been on involved exploring the trails here in my mildly built YJ. Don't miss out.

If you need a guide to the area, we can hook you up with some people over there. I might even have a trail map from years gone by.

BC4x4 has already pledged to buy one of the spots. Please support our sport by taking part in this very unique opportunity:


Who knows, if there's enough people from the board to sign up, we could make a group trip out of it.


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