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Anyone know if the TJ Rubicon edition will be available in Canada? I can't find it on any of Jeep Canada's websites.

I might be buying a new vehicle in the fall (50% chance) and if I buy brand new I will buy Jeep. Can anyone comment on going TJ Sport vs. TJ Rubicon? Price versus performance versus aftermarket availability? Non-selectable lockers are not an option for me, so if I got a TJ Sport the diffs would either stay open or I would go ARB/OX (I don't like lockers in the rain).



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Yep, I've got one on order, but they are only making 600 for all of Canada so if you want one you better get your order in quick.

Base rubicon - $29,425

Base Sport - $23,980

Price difference - $5,445

To make a Sport a Rubicon:

rear D44 with disc brakes, 4:10s and OX locker - $5,000

Front Ox & 4:10s $1,200

SYE & drive shaft - $600.00

4:1 t-case gears - $1,500

1" wider fender flares (approx) - $400

Total upgrades - $8,700.00
Now add install for anything you can't do yourself, and say bye-bye to the warranty on half your drive train.

That's also assuming you wouldn't bother matching the D44 front axle or upgrading to the stronger T-case. Figure them and you add another $2,000.

I also didn't include the value of the 31" Goodyear MT/R tires or the 8" wheels that move the tire out 3/4" compared to the standard Sport wheels. Figure close to $1000 extra for them.

Oh yeah - the Rubicon gets fog lamps, tow hooks, and the Sahara style seats. Throw a couple hundred in for them as well.
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