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Toyota cancer

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Bad news, today i found the beginnings of toyota cancer on my 88
. Does anyone know of a way to stop this besides the body shop? The first cracks in the paint have occurred and i am afraid this is the beginning of bad things.

Modifications? Lets see...... rear end drag from moose hunting, custom built canopy door, Pioneer deck with two, thats right two 6X9s, and bent bumper cowling from stupid wheeling move :) :)
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Hey from abby
Well lets see Im a bodymen down here in the lower mainland and the way to stop your rust is get rid of your toy a buy a jeep {hahahahahah}.
On a better note im asuming your rust is on your rear quorter pannals around your gas door or yor floor boards. shall I keep going maby not hey.
Well what you can do first is clean your UNDERCARAGE dirt and mud and salt are your enamy for rust it acts lick a spung dry outside wet inside that is why you propably got your rust. that and old toys are made from old rusty aircraft metals from the bottom of the ocean.
Sorrey rambling then wierbrush all your rust away from the back side and spray it with rustnot this shud slow the rust down.
If your brave you can always try body filler
but from exspereance rust is like cancer, when you thin its gone it allways comes back.

Play Safe Wheel Safe
91 YJ Sprun over on 35's
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First off........ do you love your truck or do you love the paint?
the key to killing rust in my opinion is to expose all of the rusty area..screw keeping the rusty paint bubbles nice and shiny
The sand/grind out as much of the rust as you can reach
treat the area with a chemical rust stabilizer like Blue Steel (or Phosphoric acid) This stuff converts the rust into Iron pyrites (essentially the same stuff as fools gold)
the prep and paint the S#!t out of it... the paint seals up the treated surface so that no Oxygen can react with the steel

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Gradually becoming un-toyotafied.......Got 4.3???
If it's just the body don't worry about it. If it's the frame, have you been saving for a rainy day? It's raaaainiiiing...

"You bobbed it how many inches? NINETEEN?! Oh my..."
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Hey Ride, you and I have the same problem

Personally, I have been saving for a Fiberglass box from Toy Fiberglasss in West Bank. Its a pricey option but still cheaper than buying a new truck. Was thinking about doing the flatdeck thing, but I want a canopy.

88, Stock IFS, and I like it
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