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Wondering if you guys might have the answers to a few toyota 4x4 questions?:
1) If and when were toyota pickups/4runners (4wd versions) offered with diesels - and how are those motors? (reliability, part availablitiy reparability, economy etc)  Also, how are the gassers in terms of the same things?
2)The 4x4 pickups/4runners, are they like the landcruiser, with a normal manual tranny, then a t-case for 2h, 4h, 4l, or are they all time 4 wheel.  Also, are the hubs manual or what?
3)Did they come with a few different trannys?, 4 speed or 5 speed? (manual)
4)What kind of shape ae they in general - or is it all over.  Lots of rust on them (body)?, are the frames okay or is there rust on body and frame?  Availability? cost?
5)What kind of brakes do hey have on them, 4 wheel disc?, front disc/rear drum?
6)any comments in general? - maintenance, noise, ability offroad, comfort, things that break alot? things you particularly like?
Thanks in advance!
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