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so heres my situation. i recentally bought an89 runner parted it out for a 22re swap and an now left over with an extra tranny and transfercase.

i thought about stacking two trannys, lots of low gears and an extra overdrive.
since im running 529s w 33s the highwayscene isnt happy, will my 4banger be able to power it allong in 5th 5th? also will i be blowing up the rear tranny like the taliban army?

anyone else seen, heard of, or thought about a similar set up?.

i also realize that ill be into another set of driveshafts, what will this cost me

i didnt break it, i was just testing its durability

83 toyota SB/22re swap/11 inch lift/5:29/33x12.5/centerforceIII/American Racing rims/smittys front and rear/89 4runner seats lots of chrome and a flexible rear window
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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