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upcountry shock & spring question

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Quick question

I have a 94 ZJ and will hopefully be getting some upcountry springs from a 96 ZJ. What
my question is, are the shocks from the upcountry package longer than
the stock shocks? Should I get the shocks along with the springs?


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If they're Jack K's and have 73,000 km's on them then, even though they may be marginally longer and gas-charged, they're not worth your time. If you're still on your OEM shocks save your pennies for new ones, or something with fewer km's on them.

.......saw a post on the Grand Forum asking: "what price should I charge for 73,000 km up-country shocks" and jumped to conclusions.

You just added 2" - now you're looking for more?

'98 XJ
Originally posted by DMMcG:
You just added 2" - now you're looking for more?
Always looking for more!!!! Hahaa It’s like an addiction now! LOL

I just spoke with him and when I buy the springs, he’s going to give me the shocks. He has a V8 and from what I can gather from the JU forum, the V8 springs are a lot stiffer than the 6I springs so I should get a full 1 – 1 ½ “ taller!

How are things with you? How’s the lift going?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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