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1988 Toyota Landcruiser Gasoline
Just Spent in November and December 2011 over:
$5K on New Body and Paint and Frame Painted
$200 on New Front Brakes
$200 on Stabilizer Bushings
$1K on Front Axle Replace Seals and Bearing
$3.5K New Leaf Springs All Around and New Shocks
Interior in Good Condition
Very Good Tires 31"
Rust Free!!
Runs well, not smoked in, no pets, steers nicely
Asking $9700 in South Surrey
Ask me anything - as I am sure you guys will - if I don't know the answer then I will find out.
Current photos will be added - these are from about a month ago.
Sorry my ad sucks - I am not good at selling apparently.


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it's a nice looking rig with the right stuff done to it.

i see these for sale for about $4000 but they're rusty and need $ spent on them. you just need to play the waiting game for the right buyer to come alon that sees the value of what you've done to it.
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