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For those that might get a kick out of flogging a Scout on a closed race course...


Well, it was a fairly successful weekend of racing for me.

I spent Saturday doing 100-yard drag races. I took 2nd place in the
"Street and Trail" class, passed on the "E" Sportsman Class because of a
poor coil connection, but managed to run Sportsman D class - but no

I did, however, take home $50 (OK, so I spent it already) in prize money
for having the fastest reaction time of the day - the amount of time from
when the light says "GO" to when you actually "GO" - my reaction time was
.421 seconds. .400 is considered "jumping the gun" and a "red light". I
had 3 launches in under .500 seconds.

All luck I think. [;)] Still, I didn't give the $50 back (immediately - my
entry fees for the weekend were $50, plus the other $75 in fuel n'
such.. and.. well, more later)

I felt pretty good about how Little Devil was running. Several more
experienced racers even commented about how darn well that "Junkyard
Cadillac" runs.

I did have a problem with wheel-hop. The drag strip wasn't very smooth to
begin with, but the Gryphin Racing 304 needs more tire and some traction
device of some sort. Watching the video I can really make out how the
tires are pounding up n' down pretty hard.

After the day's drag racing, I mentioned to someone it was time for me to
start looking into a new front suspension - my front springs were somewhat
tweaked into an "S" shape.

Fortunately, I don't think I have that problem (thinking about doing a new
front suspension) any more.

On my first obstacle course run, I drove pretty nice. I took the double
jumps at the start nice n' easy, then nosed down into a deep rut, stabbed
the gas, and launched out the other side. Too bad I had one more loop
through the trees before I should've turned off towards the big mud-pit -
but I guess I took the short-cut. My plan had been to nose into the water
and then floor it - watching the video, I hadn't touched the water yet
when my foot found the floor. It sucked water. A good bit of it.

I dried out everything and Devil was running again. Even helped my friend
Blair get his '81 Bronco fixed up.

I watched Blair's second run (3rd from the last to go) from the starting
line and saw him take the doubles - and almost cleared the second
one. Instead, he folded his custom radius arm on the driver's
side. Oops. Even still, he had the Fastest Time going ($200 prize!) when
he swamped the $50 302 in the mud hole by the finish line. If he hadn't
tried to restart the Bronco, even running across the finish line, the
money would've been his.

My turn.. I had told my friends I was going to go nice and finish this
course (recall that in July I peeled a tire from the rim when I launched
off a jump).

My brother subsequently has asked, "What happened out there? At first you
DID go easy and then..."

Well, have a look for yourself. You really need to see the high-res
version to make it all out.

Well, I cruised over the first two double-jumps nice n' easy like I said I
would. I straightened it out and stabbed the gas n' the Scout WENT. I
came up to the deep rut/trench across the course and applied the
Whoah! pedal to slow it down and ease the front end down into the rut,
then stab the gas and bounce out the other side.

I hadn't counted on the track being a little greasier now.

At that point, I should've mashed the loud pedal and tried to clear it. I
didn't. I held those brakes.

I didn't nose into the hole. I didn't clear over it.

WHAM. The front end sailed over the rut, then landed HARD on the other
side - yes, SIDE - of the rut. Little Devil's tailgate was seen with some
6' of plain-old-air between it and the terra-firma that the front axle was
firmly planted in.

Fortunately, it came back down the way it went up, and a true end-over
roll was averted. WHEW.

I restarted the 304 and yanked back into 1st gear and nailed it.


Reverse. Nothing.

I saw the Dana 20 shifter farther back than I thought it should be, so I
pushed it forward. Nothing. I yanked back into 4-hi.. nothing. No go.

I shut it down and stepped out. Some folks called "Run, Run" but I wasn't
about to run the ENTIRE course! HAH!

There was a lot of banging and clanging as they dragged me out. At least
I got a good sized cheer from the crowd. [;)]

Current damage assessment?

When I slammed into the far side of the ditch, I compressed the front axle
- HARD. So hard that with the front-shackle arrangement, I bent the front
springs into an "S" shape which let the front axle come up and back more
than it was supposed to.

That bottomed out the driveshaft.

Which destroyed the Dana 20 'case. The mounting face is broken off, as
well as a portion of the top of the cast iron case split in two.

What I was really upset to see was that I had also removed a few good
sized chunks from the 727-->Dana 20 adapter. Dang.

The fixed rear-side front spring hangers had been repaired and gussetted
before I acquired the frame - those welds are now cracked.

Did I say "WHAM"? yet? [;)]

I feel fine - but my Scout's not quite the same.

Now I HAVE to redo the front suspension as well as a new Dana 20 adapter
and another Dana 20 from my pile - and hopfully get things built (and the
driver trained) so this won't happen again.

I'm wondering if I didn't fatigue the springs with all of the
drag racing on Saturday.. but I guess I won't know, now. [;)]

-Tom Mandera, Helena MT
M4x4A #576 "Little Devil" - 304/727/4.89s http://www.tmcom.com/~tsm1/scout/racer/
Thanks to - Gryphin Racing, Super Scout Specialists, The Binder Bulletin,
4x4Play.... and let's not forget Visa, Mastercard, ....

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Glad my weekend was less "eventful"
than yours, I took my scout out for her first trip off-road since fixing all of the previous owner syndrome she came with.

Anyways, I found eagle ridge trail, the entrance to which is about 400 feet if baseball sized rock going uphill, so I put her into 4-hi (stupid me) and startde up the trail, about 200 feeet up I noticed that my temp guage said 240 (DOH!!), it would seem that 4-hi makes the 727 work hard!

I will be installing an electric fan and tranny cooler as soon as I have the funds, my stock fan is a direct drive with no shroud, so it really doen't pull any air unless i'm moving.

Good luck with repairs.

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