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Here's a few pictures of the modifications I did to my weber 32/36 carb. The main problem with these carbs are that they flood the engine when on a steep slope. If you look closely in the first picture you can see the rectangular hole close to the floats, this is where it floods out of when inclined.

To fix this problem I filled the hole with JB Water Weld (fuel resistant).

Here's another shot from the top of the carb.

This now creates a new problem. The float bowl is now pressurized and needs a vent. I drilled an 1/8" hole in the side of the vent casting and put a nipple on the end where it comes out of the top.

The last thing was to attach a hose to the nipple and run it down to the frame so no gas will spill out onto anything hot. So far it works great, I tried it out on a small hill and it did not stall when on the throttle. The nicest thing was that I didn't have to floor it to keep it running, I just had to give it the normal amount of throttle and it ran smooth. It didn't like to idle when inclined, but that's normal. Another thing to note is that this mod seems to help when hot starting. I found that when the motor is turned off the carb gets hot and the fuel tends to evaporate. After modifying the carb this problem went away and it starts on the first try now. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation.
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