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What do i need to power my winch

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I need to have some confidence in my battery/winch setup. So i need to know which i should do. I will only be using my ramsey 8000 winch to pull me, and the odd other reason. But i don't think i can run it without draining all of my power. I've got a canadian tire battery. Should i upgrade that too an Optima, or could i get away with just a more beefier alternator.
Any suggestions

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as long as your engine is running your alternator should power the winch.

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My stock TJ alternator runs my Warn 8274 just fine as long as I hold the revs at about 2,500 RPM.
If you plan on being "winch boss" or you do hard-core trails where you are winching and winching and winching then you should upgrade both your battery and your alternator both. It's really the alternator runing the winch, but a good battery means that you can still winch when your motor dies.
If you normally just need a 10 foot pull to get off a rock or out of a mud hole then just use what you have (asuming they are in good condition).

A yellow top optima makes a great winch battery, but unless you can get a deal they are too expensive. I got a heavy duty truck battery with the same capacity from a battery wharehouse place for half the price.

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I just replaced both batteries in the Dodge because one was shot. The other tested out pretty well. You're welcome to it if it fits (it's the biggest size they make).

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Phil, that would be great, possibly having one for insurance. Have you been reading about my buddies bronco being stuck, i took pics, i'll bring'em over when i get them developed, thanks for the offer.
Talk to you soon.

87 XJ: 4" lift, 31x10.50 BFG's, roof rack, ramsey 8000 winch, hi lift jack, cb radio, swaybars disconnected, and some other stuff
Hmm, another me.

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Hey Chris whats the amp draw during a pull? Maybe an 8274 is not as high a draw as a planetary winch but I'm guessing that a hard pull is gonna take 200-300 amps, which is definately higher than my alternator.

But I could be wrong, maybe winches dont take any power at all.

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