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This is the situation. Charging system problems. I was driving from Williams Lake to Penticton yesterday. When I left town the voltmeter on my 83 4.2litre CJ5 was reading 15.5 - 16.0 volts. About an hour into the trip it dropped to about 13 volts. When it got dark and cold, I turned the heater on (top off) and lights on. The voltmeter now read 10 volts (the lowest reading on the meter).

This is the first long trip I have been on since the jeep had been submerged. The alternator, battery, voltage regulator, coil, etc. were all replaced since the vehicle was under water. On short trips around town the voltage reads about 15 volts (no lights on or heater etc.). I have had some problems with the battery going dead if I let the jeep sit for a month and a half.

I suspect that it may be the battery or the voltage regulator. What do you guys think. Oh yeah, I need to have this fixed by Saturday morning as it is the getaway vehicle for my funeral, uh I mean...wedding! :soso


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