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I am new to the area of 4x4ing but I am very interested in it and would like some help in choosing a vehicle. I have just recently bought a 79 Chevy 400 small block with some performance parts on it but not completely done out but still puts out atleast 300 hp.
What I need help with is choosing a vehicle to put it in I was thinking of putting it in an old CJ7 or Chevy Blazer but some of my friends say don't go with a jeep but I love jeeps. I was also thinking of putting it in an old Bronco but I am not sure. I am planning to use the engine to make a 4x4 even though some of my friends say go for 2 wheel drive and make a racer but I want a 4x4.
I was also wondering how I would go about finding a transmission for this engine I was told it would be hard to find a manual transmission for this engine but I would rather have a standard rather than an automatic so any help would be apreciated thanks.
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