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where to get this EGR problem fixed?

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i had pacesetter headers installed on my pathfinder. the problem is that the point where the egr pipe connects to my headers is too big. the hole in my headers is larger than stock. i need a solution. i got an annoying hissiing sound + exhaust leak + performance loss. i dont want to weld it on because its too permanent (though im leaning towards that). ive tried jbweld and other cold steel materials. they will last about 2 weeks before cracking and blowing out.

ive gone to home depot, lorco, nissan etc to try to find an adapter that fits. but no luck there. pacesetter said its a "manufacture defect" and to send it back, but they wont pay the cost to re-install it.
i need someone to either weld an appropiate size adapter on or something. anyone got any ideas?

here are some pictures http://members-http-1.rwc1.sfba.home.net/rorschach/PF/EGR/
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Yeah, I find it a little strange that the hole has no threads??? I wonder if there is a coupling on the market that is compression fit, I would say try your luck with a plumbing contractor instead. This may be another far fetched idea, but if ya got a pulp mill close by, you'd be surprised what kind of fancy fittings you'd find there.

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