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So I just replaced the exhaust manifold in my '90 YJ (4cyl). There's a pipe that runs from the EGR valve on the intake manifold down to the exhaust manifold. And between the end of this pipe and the exhaust manifold sits a little triangular shaped gasket. The gasket that came with the new exhaust manifold crumbled to bits as soon as i touched it and I cannot find a replacement gasket anywhere.
I visited Jeep in Coquitlam yesterday and they said this gasket isn't in production anymore. Lordco & Crappy tire don't have the gasket either.
I was really shocked that Jeep doesn't make these gaskets anymore considering how many YJ's are still on the road today.

Anyhow, does anybody have any thoughts, ideas as to who & where would have this gasket?

Cheers! :beer
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