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I am about to embark upon a long overdue maintenance of the front end of the no-lift 2006 Xterra Off-Road: LCAs, Wheel bearing and hub assemblies, tie rod ends, bolts, bushings, links, etc.

For much of it, I will try to go OEM. The Nissan dealership is very expensive.

Unfortunately I don't see much in the way of Nissan OEM parts available on-line in Canada. In the USA, there is Timken at Rockauto.com and then there is NissanPartsDeal.com in the USA. Rockauto I know and the reputation is solid. NissanPartsDeal.com I do not know. Shipping and handling could add a lot.

Any suggestions? Autopartsway.ca looks interesting but mostly Moog. Similar with thewrenchmonkey.ca Mevotec parts are available. Perhaps I should lose my bias against Moog?

Ideally, until persuaded otherwise, I would prefer OEM and OE manufacturers such as Timken and Hitachi.


Man, sure is quiet on this board these days. Everybody stop wheeling in BC?
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