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Good morning folks,

New to this board and new to the off-road community in general. Picked up a 2014 Xterra Pro4X last year and spent last summer learning it's capabilities and shortfalls. I've spent the last few days researching the Whipsaw trail and done numerous searches online and on this board and there seem to be some references to the Whipsaw being "stocker" friendly - trouble is I can't find information more recent than 2012 and I know that trails can change a great deal in a few years time.

Did anyone on here run the Whipsaw last summer/fall and have any insight? The Pro-4x has decent tires (32) a slight lift (0.5), a rear locker and I think some better suspension components but in looking at various youtube videos, I'm still worried about articulation and approach angle (the Xterra stock bumper has brutal approach) on the trail.

I'd be heading out with two other more capable trucks with recovery straps and a winch on at least one of the vehicles. Any thoughts would be really appreciated!

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