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I dont know what years this applys to but im assuming 87 to 91. If you have intermittent wipers and they quit working there is a cheap solution. On trucks equipped with this option there is a small black box just behind the fuse panel. It controls your low and delayed wipers. So when it goes all your left with is fast. Mine packed it in so I replaced it$160(Dealer item) It is mounted on the frame of the dash so everytime you release your e-brake it smacks underneath this box, eventually causing it to not work. Ford told me it cracks the circuit board and cant be fixed. Well mine broke again so i decided to pull it apart and look. There is a 3 prong resister where it is soldered to the board. Carefully solder back up zapstrap the box to the wiring harness to give some cushion and your back in business. Hope this saves someone some money cause I hate having to buy from the dealer.

90 F250 Dana 60 up front,welded rear,7.3 Diesel,3" exhaust,4" skyjacker suspension,3" body lift 38" swampers,cb and custom bumpers and nerf bars. You either make it or break it!

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