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Alrighty.. please somebody help me out here.. I have a dilemma.. *ahem* I currently have an 84 4x4 SB xtra cab PU with a 3" suspension lift running on 31's :violin anyways.. the engine is MINT (4g's in engine work etc) I've got the winch bumper and whatnot going on.. HOWEVER.. rust.. *shudder* yes.. the frame was attqacked and needs a frame swap. :( good news (I think) is I can get it swapped for a grand.. but now I'm finding 3" aint cutting it!! I'm high centering and all..


a) swap frame fix up, remove 3" and install 8" with bigger tires (but also having to change to 5:29's)


b) sell it.. buy a 92 (IFS.. iCK) that comes with the lift and whatnot..

PLEASE help me out here.. its the 22r engine which also kinda blows
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