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Jinjiang River shoes marketing campaign upgrading seven wave-hui shoes stores into 2009, various means of marketing emerging shoes, seven wave-hui sports marketing, the leopard is planning road network marketing, Casey Long restless anime Marketing ....... marketing effectiveness: by the end of 2008, ABC brand sales volume of nearly 300 million yuan, the national retail network quickly the transition is successful, stores and Ugg Boots shopping malls counters regulate the number quickly increased from less than 100 by the end of 2006 to 1,500 at the end of 2008, two Items Shoes GB preparing the introduction of the seven wave-hui shoes store reporter recently learned from the industry, the National Standardization Technical Committee footwear has to be declared children's shoes and children's sandals standard project plan, which means that the country's shoes Standards are in the pipeline.

It is reported that in Quanzhou Area with brand children's goods store, customer display shoes Purchasing Guide Lau forward softness, a young mother to pick out the softest pair of shoes from several alternative, such a phenomenon widespread.

State Sports General Administration to join the seven Ugg Boots Sale established Chinese youth sports equipment R & D base. Seven wave-hui shoes store third, seven wave-hui unique form of brand stores, led to the terminal upgrade the entire industry, for young people in the sports industry side of the minds of consumers establish a good image benchmark, which is the cause of promoting China's youth movement forward. Southampton shoes sector will also bring new impact, prompting the formation of healthy competition in the industry and R & D scale of production, making shoes enterprise production and research capacity of the overall increase. Monopoly shoes

Full of temptations of wealth shoes domestic market, though there are many brands, but no leading brands. Diversification of consumption levels, making the industry scale is great, but a single brand

Recently, the Taiwan based ABC Kids and youth movements have increased the intensity of the seven Ugg Boots Canada established chain monopoly system, which is not only upgrade the marketing model, but also out of the homogenization of paved roads. . The construction of the store although the initial investment, long payback period, but as long crossed the breakeven line will grow steadily. Seven wave-hui shoes Nanchang agents Chen Jisheng: develop seven wave-hui shoes stores in speed we have made changes in four different stages, I started from 2001 when the seven wave-hui Jiangxi agent, the first step. , so that the product vigorously into the mall and Shoes, avoiding the low-end image products wholesale and retail industry, which is seven Ugg Boots Cheap in the market has laid a good foundation for the brand; into 2003, we have made changes in the second step , the seven wave-hui product removed from the mall and Shoes, stationed in children's clothing, shoes stores, shoes market analysis of China

Explore the future development of Chinese shoes retail market is still in its infancy, the overall features are: scattered, chaotic, complex, poor. There are media have reported sales of children's shoes in Jiangsu Province, on the main channel sales of children's shoes - big shopping malls, the province's total of more than 40, the average mall has 10 brand shoes, these malls average annual retail sales of children's clothing 100 million -300 million, plus brand children's clothing stores across the province, more than 400, with an average annual retail sales each 5 million dollars, the industry leader in youth brand was founded 08 seven wave-hui cheering seven wave-hui shoes Store Chinese shoes Network cntxw Springs News: According to the organizing committee, introduced the Secretary-General Chen Jinlong: seven wave-hui 2008 youth cheer group activities from December 15, 2007 to begin. . Second way is long during the event, the seven wave-hui stores (special room or counters) seven wave-hui purchase any product, you can get a scratch, a chance to be drawn for the lucky seven wave-hui teenagers members of the cheering group.

Inventive provision of Blue Ocean seven Ugg Boots Outlet shoes marketing of the Road seven wave-hui shoes store seven wave-hui was an early use of the cartoon image of the company, but with cartoon shoes frenzy continued spread, seven wave-hui shoes industry has realized becoming an over-saturated market. Expand the number of children's shoes in the cartoon bayonet when seven wave-hui began looking for a new niche market. After nearly a year of market visits and research, three children's shoes brand marketing in selected cases of footwear brands, different from the adult shoes seven wave-hui and permanent expert brand is particularly striking, shoes industry's heyday for all to see, this vote The results fully explain children's shoes industry development and progress, especially made Ugg Canada Outlet tremendous breakthroughs in marketing, to keep pace with adult shoe.

Quanzhou shoe brand into a number of the youth market not long ago, the trade rumors sports shoe manufacturer Sanliuyidu youth sports shoes to enter the market; recently, the two Quanzhou brand shoes help board, seven wave-hui, it has been officially announced To extend into the field of youth.

Help a marketing assistant Huang Cong Ming Teng said the construction of the store network is its future goals, but now is not the time.